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Horror in Film - A Study of the Genre

Firsts in Fear

First Frights - part 1
Precedents set in horror
First Frights - part 2
More firsts in horror film
Inspired by Real Events
Sometimes the horrors are real

Remake Fever

Horror-Remake Review
Are the originals always best?
Horror Movie Remakes
The full, sordid list

The Highs and Lows

Profoundly Disturbing Films
It takes more than gore to score
Guide to Horror Classics
The foundations of the genre
Worst. Horror. Films. Ever.
You have been warned
International Horror Films
Frights found, by country
Campy Horror
Just awful enough to enjoy

Horror Film Opinions

Horror Movie Reviews

Vital information served up fast
Must-See Horror Films
Personal picks by
the friends of Spookyland