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Velcome to Schpooky Lant, celebrating horror since 1998. I am Meester Schpooky, your host and maschkott.

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...and I am not completely dead, deschpite appearences...

This page is used for general info that doesn't is fittink in with the gestalt of the rest of the site. You know.... technical stuff....

And don't ask about the cheesy fake accent.

After enjoyink ten years of free hostink (and unrequested sidebar ads) from Geocities, Spookyland has moved to vorever, as of 4/2009. Ve already appreciate the free hostink and less-offensive ad-bar. However, all pop-ups on Spookyland (quiz answers, notes, etc.) have been removed in vavor of a more vriendly vormat.

Spookyland is determined to remain solidly embedded in the 'web 1.0' aesthetic, rather than slaving to fashion as a blog. Updates occur everywhere at once, sometimes more sporadically. Finding them may take patience, since there is no 'new content' indexing.

Let me know if my ourageous accent is annoyink you... If you have made it this far, and you are nice, feel free to contact Mr. Spooky at spookyland(at)

A really cool (and long promised) Haunted House, in glorious black-and-white.... By 'soonish,' I mean that I have been promisink this since 1998.
First frights in film, and the finest gallery of antique vampire killing kits to be found anywhere on the web.
Random appearences by me, Meester Schpooky, with my fantastic fading-in/fading-out accent! Who could ask for more?