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Dark Histories - Accounts of the Past

A reading room of our historic fascination with the supernatural and spooky.

Killing Vampires

Gallery of Vampire Hunting Kits
Perhaps the largest collection of high-end antique
vampire killing kits to be found anywhere.
The Contents of Vampire Killing Kits
The archaic objects and compounds seen in
vampire killing kits, analysed and explained.
Proper Use of Vampire Killing Kits
Identifying, preventing, understanding and
killing traditional vampires.
Regarding Ernst Blomberg
The most exhaustive investigation of Professor Ernst Blomberg,
maker of fine vampire killing kits - anywhere.
The Original Vampire Killing Manual
Excerpts from Dom Augustine Calmet's original
church treatise on vampires and their destruction.
A Vampire Killing - Peter Plogojowitz
The facts surrounding the 1725 destruction of the
best-documented vampire in history.
A Vampire Killing - Arnold Paole
The facts surrounding the 1732 killing of the second-best
documented vampire in history.
A Vampire Killing - A Russian Vampire
An account of a Russian vampire, destroyed
in the early 19th century.
A Vampire Killing - A Silesian Vampire

An early account of the destruction of a vampire
in old Silesia in 1591.

Regarding Vampires in History

1745 Analysis of Peter Plogojowitz
A nearly contemporary scientific
analysis of this most famous vampire.
1807 Open Letter on Vampyres
An educated reader remarks on the vampire
fascination sweeping learned circles.
1809 Passage on Vampyres
An extensive travelogue reports on
the infestation of vampyres in Europe.
1823 Paper on Vampyres
Wonderful early study of vampyres, linking
them back to the historical Greek church.
1870 Essay on Vampires - Scoffern
Scholarly paper that focuses on the
noisesome 'munching' of vampires.
From the 1885 Essay
'Transylvanian Superstitions'
Emily Garard's seminal paper that inspired
Bram Stoker and many others.
1891 Essay on Vampires
Theosophical Society founder H. S. Olcott's
well researched paper on vampires.
1896 Essay on Vampires
F. Hartmann's pseudo-scientific
examination of the phenomena of vampires.
1910 - Vampyrism
- From The Theosophical Messenger
This account includes another translation
of Dom Calmet's treatise.
1914 - From The Vampire in Roumania
Agnes Murgoci documents several 19th century
episodes of vampirism in Romania.
Consumptive Vampires in Early America

A collection of accounts of tuberculosis,
vampires, and an isolated community.
Regarding Vampires in Early America

An 1896 paper on the vampire panic
of Rhode Island.
Serbian Vampire Homeless in 2012

One of Serbia's oldest vampires needs a new mill.

On Burials

Concerning Premature Burial
Practical advice on preventing premature
burial before embalming was common.
Preventing Premature Burial
Concerning the Thanatometer and other
devices intended to confirm death before burial.
Hands Erupting from the Grave

Regarding the folkloric history of
a most disturbing graveyard phenomena.

Of Killers

The Fate of
The Dusseldorf Vampire
The facts surrounding early serial
killer Peter Kurten, and of his remains.
Jack's Letter From Hell
The haunting, mocking letter attributed
to Jack the Ripper.
The Beggar's Banquet of Dracula

The facts surrounding Vlad Tsepes and
how he eliminated the beggars in Walachia.

Tales Retold

Horror Movies Inspired by Real Events
Perhaps the world's most complete accounting of
horror films based on actual events.
Lord Dufferin's Tale
A classic tale of haunting circumstances
attributed to an English Lord.
Amityville House for Sale
The Amityville house, ghosts and all
periodically comes up for sale.
The Search for Blomberg's Ghost

A ghostly encounter with another Blomberg
during the American Revolutionary War.

Other Horrors

On the Torture of Witches
A compendium of the physical duress
imposed upon those accused of witchcraft.
The Confession of a Witch
Historical court document regarding
the confesssions of an accused witch.
The Discoverie of Witches
Written in 1647 by England's
Witchfinder General himself.
Accounts of Werewolves
Period documentation of cases of
lycanthropy during its heyday in old Europe.
The Craft of Hangmen