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Amityville House for Sale

T his advertisement led the Lutz family to purchase the house at 812 Oceanside in Amityville, New York. The rest of the tale is well known....

In late 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz spotted this add for a bargain home in a good neighborhood on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Apparently it had been on the market a while. They were looking for a new home, since they had just merged their own families, and the property at 112 Ocean Avenue seemed perfect for their three children and dog. They moved in that December just before the holidays.

What made the house difficult for realators to sell was the recent history of the home. Just thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had murdered his entire family in the home. On November 13, 1974, DeFeo shot all six family members with a rifle around 3:15 in the morning, nearby neighbors didn't hear a thing. All of the victims seemed taken asleep by surprise, dispite multiple weapon reports.

The story of the Lutz's frantic 28 days in the house became The Amityville Horror (1979). You may ignore the weak sequels or the flimsy remake of 2005.

Subsequent owners modified the look of the house to deter the hordes of gawkers that came after the movie's success. In May 2010, the five bedroom Dutch Colonial went back on the market for $1.5 million, under contract by August. Fans still come, but now mostly on Halloween.

Interestingly, the house used to film the 1979 film is located elsewhere. That 10-room colonial house, in the Toms River area of New Jersey, was built in the 1920s. The exterior was overhauled to resemble the original Amityville house. In July 2011, this home, which is not haunted, was put up for sale and listed for $1.35 million.