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Garth Auction Vampire Killing Kit

This kit (and two others) was sold at Garth's auction on Labor Day, 2006 in Delaware Ohio. Once again, the Blomberg label figures prominently.

This kit had been sold on eBay just a month before, presumably for a much lower price.

Auction Description:
Wooden Case; lined in purple velvet, Blomberg label, includes small crossbow with ebonized checkered wooden handle, bowstring and four wooden bolts with silver-colored tips, wooden stake, cross, tin, syringe and seven glass bottles, 10 1/4 inches by 13 1/4 inches; $10,063. (see photo)

Here are the descriptions of two lesser-valued kits (pictures unavailable):
Book-shaped Box; covered with red and marbleized paper; Blomberg label, cross, brass-barreled flintlock pistol, powder flask, wood stake, silver-colored bullets; bullet mold; vials including Vampirism, Tincture of Jalap, etc., 10 1/2 inches by 13 inches; $5,463.

Fitted Box; lined in red velvet, Blomberg label, ivory veneered, cross-shaped firearm that fires silver-colored bullets, powder flask, wooden stake, vial and bullet mold, 6 inches by 10 inches; $1,898.