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2008 Auction Kit

Sold for $14,850 at the Jimmy Pippen estate sale that ran October 3-4 2008, near Natchez, Mississippi. Described by auctioneer Stevens as 'complete and authentic,' it is estimated to have been made 'around 1800.' Estate contents are from Pippen's antique stores and personal residence, and extended collection.

The kit features stakes, a knife and candles, all with inlaid metal crosses. Also included are a crucifix, bible, garlic, mirror, vials, and a pistol with (reportedly) silver bullets. The case, which features a carved cross on the lid, is described as constructed from American walnut. That immediately makes me suspicious as to authenticity (or the auctioneer's ability to identify hardwoods).

While there is no Blomberg label in sight, inclusion of a mirror (to check vampiric reflections) suggests that the case probably postdates the publication of Dracula in 1897. The rest of the auction included more typical, high-end antiques.