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Sotheby's Auction Kits, 2007

Two kits included in a Sotheby's auction on April 20, 2007 in New York. The first (at left) is described as a French vamprire killing kit (There's a first!), the auction catalog described it as
The box in solid mahogany, the hinged lid with a copper cross to the front, opening to a compartmentalized interior comprised of an ivory inlaid crucifix-shaped gun bearing the date 1591 (this seems alarmingly early), lead bullets, a small glass bottle, a small power keg, a metal bullet mold, and a mahogany stake, with original paper label stating an attribution to Nicolas Plomdeur."
The kit was given an estimated value of $4,000 to $6,000. I find the date on the gun (1591) alarming, since all evidence of gunmaker Nicholas Plomdeur dates from around 1850.
The second kit, with estimated value of $3,000 to $5,000 is smaller, features a less elaborate crucifix and lacks bullet making equipment.

It appears that Blomberg strikes again, but in any case, these are a fine pair of kits, of probable vintage around the 1890s. Small among vampire killing kits, these may be more likely to be 'tourist kits' from that era due to their compactness. Certainly well crafted, these small kits would be suited for quick sale to rich tourists already carting their luggage around the region.