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Stevens Halloween Auction Kit, 2009

An especially fine vampire killing kit was part of the Port Gibson, Mississippi estate being auctioned on 10/31/2009, appropriately. The provenance of the entire collection is described as follows:
Stevens Auction Company is delighted to announce the estate auction of Miss Isabel Person, of Port Gibson, Mississippi. Miss Isabel was an avid lover of life, her family and community. She never left her home without being impeccably dressed—a true Southern belle.

Miss Isabel lived almost all of her 93 years on Church Street, in a home built circa 1880 in the late Victorian Style. The home was purchased by Miss Isabel’s father, J.W. Person II. Over the years, it became a repository for the family’s antique furniture, books, chests, clothes, silver, china, artifacts, papers and financial records, among other timeless items. There are 6 bedrooms, grand parlors, living rooms, dining rooms, breakfast rooms, offices, porches, and of course, a 2,000-square foot attic filled with historic treasures. The house was adorned with wonderful objects from all over the world, many of which will be offered at auction.
The value of the kit has yet to be determined, but this is not a Blomberg kit, which instantly increases the liklihood of authenticity. Stevens dates the kit somewhere between 1840 and 1860, and describes the kit and contents:
Stevens Auction Company / 1553 - Vampire killing kit, Rosewood case with mother-of-pearl cross inlay, pistol, silver bullets in coffin case, holy water vials, cleaver, prayer book, looking glass.

The inclusion of a cleaver and cudgel are unusual, presumably for forcefully cutting through something like a neck. Although the kit includes a pistol, no mention of Plomdeur is made. Seller Dwight Stevens has sold only four vampire killing kits in his 27 years as an auctioneer.