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Greg Martin Auctions Kit, 2010

On October 9, 2010, Greg Martin Auctions offered this unusual kit, crafted primarily from elephant ivory. It contains one of the seldom seen crucifix-pistols (with bayonette), and sold for $4,700.

Here is the catalog listing of the kit:
Lot #7. Rare 19th Century Firearms Curiosa Ivory Vampire Killing Kit

Extremely rare antique ivory vampire killing kit, consisting of an ornate ivory-mounted Christian cross integrating a steel, spring-loaded, .41 caliber single-shot percussion pistol, the center mounted with an ebony shield surmounted with a 8-pointed crown, the tips made from tiny semi-precious red stones. A ruby red five-pointed star adorns the center. The vampire pistol is contained in an ivory case, together with steel dagger blade which attaches to the end of the cross, an ivory cleaning rod, ivory powder bottle, and cap and ball supply. The entire case is made from fine elephant ivory and each element is engraved with letters representing the contents. According to consignor, this was reportedly one of four matching kits. By tradition, this example was brought back from Germany after WWII by one Sergeant Glen Pendelton who liberated it from a German museum in Berlin. A rare and very unique firearms curiosa. Size: 4-3/4" X 3-5/8" X 1-5/8".

Very good. One small ivory lid missing. Light wear and patina overall. Crown missing two stones.

$4,500 - $6,500
The largest of the included ivory bottles is labelled "P" (presumably for (gun)powder). The smaller bottles are labelled "S" "G" and "C", which would probably be understood by a vintage gun enthusiast; G" may be for gauze, used as wadding around the shot. "S" could be extra shot, although there is already a small supply of them in the box. "C" would likely be for (percussion) caps, appropriate for this type of weapon.