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Savage Mill Antique Kit, 2011

In August 2011, a BoingBoing reader posted an image of this ornate kit, observed at an antique shop in Savage Mill, Maryland. Priced at $15,000, this kit includes a large ivory crucifix and miniature ivory bible (or prayer book).

The seller's description reads:
Original French 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit
with Medaille d'Or
dated 1878 made by Paul Soyer

(Consisting of ivory cross, ivory bible, gun with original silver bullets, hand carved walnut mallet and stake, bullet mold, dagger, holy water, garlic and salt.)

Paul (Constant) Soyer (1823 - 1903) was a French painter/sculptor/craftsman, producing ornate clocks, statuary and paintings. It is not known how this vampire killing kit was attributed to Soyer.

Similarities to this kit (being auctioned during the same month), specifically regarding the crucifixes and powder flask were noted. As the other kit appears to be a modern assemblage of parts, it is possible that this kit was created by the same forger.

Also like the other kit, there is no Blomberg Label - a possible indication that 'Blomberg' signals a fake more often than not.