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Texas Auction Kit, 2012

On February 29, 2012, the Dallas Auction Gallery offered up a fine kit that appears to have much in common with this 2011 Maryland auction kit, including an artfully arranged lid-layer featuring symmetry around a large central crucifix flanked by icons. Also some similarity to this 2011 Pennsylvania auction kit.

Lot 64, described as "Cased vampire killing kit, in a rosewood' was described as follows:

Cased vampire killing kit, in a rosewood and ebony case with inlaid silver stringing and mother-of-pearl inlaid plaque. Contents include a black powder percussion 2-barrel pistol, a powder horn and bullet mold, bone handled dagger with crucifix, three small crucifixes, mallet and two wooden stakes, book of common prayer, two small framed portraits of Jesus, holy water and four glass vials with crystals. 4"H x 16"W x 9.75"D, Circa - 19th C.

The estimated sale price was $3,000 to $5,000, with an opening bid of $1,500.