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Art Project Elaborate Auction Kit, 2014

On October 18, 2014, the Daily Mail reported that a '19th century Vampire slaying kit' was going up for sale at the Danse Macabre sale in Cloister New Jersey. With an opening bid of $5000, it included elaborately crafted elements in a 'coffin.'

Honestly, this appears to be a finely crafted assembly of parts put into an old box, the interior of which is heavily aged (the exterior looks fine). Six elaborately carved stakes may look nice, but are far from functional once you start hitting them with a mallet. Oh, and the kit appears to include a double barrel shot gun and three tiny 'vampire harpoons.'

Included jars merely contain garlic, salt and holy water.

It has not been determined if the lot was successfully sold - and if it was represented as an actual vintage vampire killing kit, or an artistic assemblage of parts.

Item photos are credited to Sterling Associates/Splash.