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Undocumented eBay Kit

This kit was found on sale at eBay, November 2006 with a starting bid of $6000 and no takers.
The condition is fine, but it is probably a tourist souvenir kit, as it is hard to imagine anyone in England in the 19th century genuinely threatened by vampires. I am also beginning to see a real pattern of similarity of the interior labels of these tourist kits, many featuring similar text on the inside lid. Judge for yourself.

The seller's description:

Approx. 19th century, this kit has all the items a traveller would need to protect themselves from the evil of vampires.
I had one of these kits many years ago and sold it here on Ebay under my other name UK-ANTIQUES.
If you wish to check them out they are listed in the Millers Antique Guide or browse the internet and just type in Vampire Killing kit, you will be amazed at the info there is.
I believe that one went to aution at Sotherbys for around $22,000 my reserve is nowhere near this.
This kit is a fine piece of work and the designer (Prof Blomberg) has been mentioned in a number of antique guides.