Back to Spookyland's Main Alcove... Vampire Killing Kit, 2003 (Discredited)

This kit was reportedly posted for sale at a firearms site (, but I have only second-hand references. This is reportedly another kit from Ernst Blomberg, who appears to have been a sort of brand name for souvenier vampire kits sold to tourists in the late 19th century. The authenticity of this particular kit has been largely discredited (see below).

In June 2012, I was contacted by one Thomas S. who reported ownership of this kit, as well as ownership of the original 19-page text "The Vampire" attribued to Ernst Blomberg, itself discredited. The kit, which Thomas has owned since the 1970s, is part of an impressive collection of objects. Based on Thomas' assertions, there must be some confusion regarding the photos of the kit put forth by the website in 2003. With any luck, additional information regarding this kit can be brought to light.

Compare to this kit, which professes the same provenance.

Here is the full auction text:
Vampire Killing Kit

The accoutrements for the destruction of the Vampire

This box contains the items considered necessary for the protection of persons who travel into certain little known countries in Easter Europe where the populace are plagued with a peculiar manifestation of evil, known as Vampires... Professor Ernst Blomberg respectfully requests that the purchaser of this kit carefully studies his book. Should evil manifestations become apparent, he is then equiped to deal with them efficiently... Professor Blomberg wishes to announce his grateful thanks to that well known gunmaker of Liege, Nicholas Plombeur, whose help in compiling of the special items, the silver bullets,etc., has been most efficient. The items enclosed are as follows...

1. An efficient pistol with its usual accoutrements
2. A quantity of bullets of the finest silver
3. Powdered flowers of garlic (one phial)
4. Flour of Brimstone (one phial)
5. Wooden stake (Oak)
6. Ivory crucifix
7. Holy Water (one phial)
8. Professer Blomberg's New Serum

Discredited as Fake

A comparison of the Blomberg label and the included contents raise suspicion as to the authenticity of this particular vampire killing kit.

Furthermore, a weapons enthusiast named "richard" posted the following information (SurvivalArts website, April 2007), which largely discredits the authenticity of this kit and its contents:

Fake! If the kits are for travellers venturing to eastern europe, why are the labels in english rather than german or french (and obviously modern typeface)? Why are the cartridge boxes marked "eley kynoch" (an english brand of cartridge) rather than with the name of one of the german cartridge manufacturers who had a near monopoly on the continent? The revolver looks like a cheap belgian "suicide special" with strong resemblance to the smith and wesson #2 of the 1870's. To box up a revolver worth a few hundred dollars with a bunch of spurious accessories and sell it for $12,000 reeks of a swindle.