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Easier Horror Quiz

Question 1

The obligatory horror quiz question: A commercial mask
in the likeness of what actor was used as the
mask of Michael Meyers in John Carpenter's Halloween?
A John Lithgow
B William Shatner
C Charles Bronson
D Raymond Burr
The answer is... B 
The budget minded crew apparently used a plastic CaptainKirk mask turned inside out, painted white as the face of the shape.  I saw an Jay Leno interview Shatner in 10/97, and Shatner knew about it, but seemed to think that the movie was Friday the 13th.

Question 2

Which of the following elements is NOT included
in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein?
A Polar ice flows
B A bride for the creature
C Electricity as the animating agent
D The creature capable of eloquent speech
The answer is... C 
Although electricity features prominently in film versions since Universal Studio's classic version, it is not revealed as the agent whereby dead tissues are animated. This secret is kept from the reader for their safety.

Question 3

Which monster did Christopher Lee never play?
A Frankenstein's monster
B Dracula
C A werewolf
D A mummy
The answer is... C 
British actor Christopher Lee is best known for his portrayals of Dracula for Hammer Studios, but he also portrayed Frankenstein's Monster and the mummy, becoming Hammer's 'overseas Karloff.'

Question 4

What horror author published under the name
'Richard Bachman?'
A H. P. Lovecraft
B Stephen King
C Anne Rice
D Dean Koontz
The answer is... B 
Horror giant Stephen King originally published under the pen name Richard Bachman, but has not for quite a while. Anne Rice published smut under an assummed name before striking it rich with vampires.

Question 5

What sci-fi/horror film was Steve McQueen's movie debut?
A Them
B The Dunwich Horror
C The Blob
D The Revenge of the Creature
The answer is... C 
Steve McQueen never looked that youthful, but he played the heroic motorcycle-riding lead in the 1958 original 'The Blob.' He had no role in the fun 1988 remake.

Question 6

According to H.P. Lovecraft, what does the word
Necronomicon mean?
A Book of Dead Names
B The Lurking Fear
C Spirit Voices
D Book of the Old Ones
The answer is... A 
Necronomicon, the Greek translation of the Arabic 'Al Azif,' translates as 'necro' (dead) + 'nom' (name) + 'icon' (loosely, a representation), or commonly, 'The Book of Dead Names.' And no, it is not a real book

Question 7

Which of these films did NOT include Vincent Price?
A The Killer Shrews
B The Fly
C The Tingler
D The House on Haunted Hill (original)
The answer is... A 
Vincent Price was one of the most prolific horror stars of all time, but even he was never in 'The Killer Shrews.'  However, the Sheriff from 'The Dukes of Hazzard' was.