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Tougher Horror Quiz

Question 1

Which future horror star appeared in a mob
of irate college students in a Laurel and Hardy short?
A Boris Karloff
B Peter Lorre
C Christopher Lee
D Peter Cushing
The answer is... D 
A very young Peter Cushing is in the mob and in the credits of Laurel and Hardie's 1940 'A Chump at Oxford,' long before he became Hammer Studio's Dr. Van Helsing or Dr. Frankenstein.

Question 2

Both Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were inspired
by the exploits of what famous serial murderer/necrophile?
A Ed Gein
B Albert Fish
C Edward Kemper
D Henry Lee Lucas
The answer is... A 
Wisconsin's own Ed Gein, who dug up corpses and wore their flesh as clothing inspired both of these landmark films. He also murdered his mother and 'kept her around,' which inspired Robert Bloch's novel 'Psycho.'

Question 3

Why is the Hammer Studios film Curse of the Werewolf
set in Spain?
A The set was already built
B A Spanish werewolf treatment had never been done
C Spain was considered fashionably exotic in the 60's
D Hammer agreements required location filming in Spain
The answer is... A 
This film was originally scripted to take place in France.  However, another Hammer production about the Spanish Inquisition fell through, and the set had already been built.  1997's 'An American Werewolf In Paris' fulfilled that oversight.

Question 4

Who portrayed the title role in Howard Hawke's 1950s
classic The Thing?
A William Conrad
B Dean Jones
C John Huston
D James Arness
The answer is... D 
James Arness (of 'Gunsmoke' fame) was one of the largest actors working, and his size won him the part. His height is also reportedly the reason he was the first soldier into the water in the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Question 5

All right then. What sci-fi/horror film was Academy Award-winning
actor/director Clint Eastwood's acting debut?
A Them
B The Dunwich Horror
C The Blob
D The Revenge of the Creature
The answer is... D 
In a very small role, Clint Eastwood played a squinty-eyed soldier in the 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon sequel 'The Revenge of the Creature' in 1956.

Question 6

Which of these films did not include the
often-abused horror hero Bruce Campbell?
A Escape from New York
B Escape from L.A.
C The Evil Dead
D Army of Darkness
The answer is... A 
If you missed Bruce Campbell in John Carpenter's 'Escape from L.A.,' it was because he played a psycho plastic surgeon under a load of disturbing makeup.  What a cameo.