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Serial Killer Trivia Quiz

Question 1

Which serial killer routinely pushed straightpins and needles into his 'private areas?' A David Berkowitz
B Albert Fish
C John Wayne Gacy
D Edward Kemper
The answer is... B 
Albert Fish had many nasty habits, including murder, cannibalism, and filling his body with dozens of pins and needles in indiscreet places.  Peanut Butter!

Question 2

Which of the following serial killers was actually two people? A Zodiac
B The Green River Killer
C The Hillside Strangler
D The Night Stalker
The answer is... C 
Two cousins, Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, teamed up in California and became known as the 'Hillside Strangler.' Bianchi later went solo and continued the killings elsewhere.

Question 3

What serial killer's car eventually wound up on the carnival circuit as 'The Death Car?' A Ed Gein
B Ted Bundy
C Henry Lee Lucas
D Wayne B. Williams
The answer is... C 
After his arrest, Ed Gein's car was sold to an entrepreneur who took it to the carnivals in the south, charging for a peek.  A late 1980's hardcore band called 'Ed Gein's Car' was apparently moved by this fact.

Question 4

Which serial killer inspired the movies 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and 'Deranged?' A Ted Bundy
B Ed Gein
C Henry Lee Lucas
D David Berkowitz
The answer is... B 
Although all of these killers inspired movies (Bundy - 'The Deliberate Stranger', Lucas - 'Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer', Berkowitz - 'The Boston Strangler'), Ed Gein inspired those two movies, and 'Psycho' as well.

Question 5

A young Stephen King collected newspaper clippings regarding which of these killers? A Leopold & Loeb
B Jack the Ripper
C Ed Gein
D Charles Starkweather
The answer is... D 
Collecting newspaper clippings of the remoreseless Charles Starkweather seems to have given Stephen King insight to the real horrors lurking inside everyday people.