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Horror Movie Remakes

A big ugly list of twice-told horror stories, for people who just like lists....

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Witness the horrific trend towards horror movie remakes until 2012, reaching a peak in 2008 but holding strong:

American Werewolf in Paris, An(1997/201x) - reportedly in production
Amityville Horror, The(1979/2005)
And Soon the Darkness(1970/2010)
Anguish(1987/2011) - remake of Spanish original reported to be in production as Cineplex
Apartment 1303(2007/2012) - 3D remake of a Japanese film
April Fool's Day(1986/2008)
Army of Darkness(1992/20xx) - unconfirmed remake rumoured by Sam Raimi for years
Attack of the Giant Leeches(1959/2008)
Asphyx, The(1973/2011)
Birds, The(1963/201x) - reportedly in production
Black Christmas(1974/2006)
Black Sunday(1960/1989)
Blob, The(1958/1988/201x) - new remake reportedly in production
Blood Feast(1963/1987) - as Blood Diner
Bride of Frankenstein(1935/1985) - so very awful
Bucket of Blood, A(1959/1995) - remake also called The Death Artist
Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1992/2012) - reportedly in production
Cape Fear(1962/1991)
Carnival of Souls(1962/1998)
Carrie(1976/2002/2013) - 2002 made for TV remake
Cat People(1942/1982)
Child's Play(1988/201x)/td> - reportedly in production
Children of the Corn(1984/2009) - made-for-TV remake
Crazies, The(1973/2010)
Creature from the Black Lagoon(1954/201x) - reportedly in production
Dark Water(2002/2005) - remake of Japanese original Honogurai mizu no soko kara
Dawn of the Dead(1978/2004)
Day of the Dead(1985/2008)
Deep Red(1975/2011) - remake of Italian original reportedly in production
Don't be Afraid of the Dark(1973/2010) - remake of made-for-TV original
Don't Look in the Basement!(1973/2011) - remake of The Forgotten
Don't Look Up(1996/2009) - remake of Japanese Joyu-rei
Down(1983/2001) - remake of Dutch De Lift
Dracula(1922/1931/1958/1979/1992 et al) - originally filmed as Nosferatu
Echo, The(2004/2008) - remake of Phillippine original Sigaw
Evil Dead, The(1981/2013)
Exorcist Prequels(2004/2005) - Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion
Experiment, The(2001/2010) - remake of German original
Eye, The(2002/2005/2008) - remake of Hong Kong original Gin gwai also as Naina
Fly, The(1958/1986)
Fog, The(1980/2005)
Frankenstein(1910/1931/1973-TV/1994 et al)
Freaks(1932/2007) - ripped off as Freakshow
Friday the 13th(1980/2009) - remade in 3D
Fright Night(1985/2008/2011) - rehashed as Never Cry Werewolf, new remake soon
Funhouse(1981/2011) - reportedly in production in 3D as The Funhouse
Funny Games(1997/2007) - remake of Austrian Olumcul oyunlar
Gate, The(1987/201x) - reportedly in production in 3D, directed by Alex Winter (Bill)
Ghostbusters(1984/201x) - apparently in production, possibly as sequel
Ghoulies, The,(1985/20xx) - rumored to be in production
Grudge, The(2002/2004) - remake of Japanese Ju-on
Halloween II(1981/2009)
The Haunting(1963/1999)
Hellraiser (1987/201x) - reportedly in production with Clive Barker involved
High Tension(2003/2003) - remake of French Haute tension
Hills Have Eyes, The(1977/2006)
Hitcher, The(1986/2008)
Host, The(2006/2011) - reportedly in production, remake of S. Korean Gwoemul
House of Wax (1953/2005)
House on Haunted Hill (1959/1999)
House on Sorority Row(1983/2009) - remade as Sorority Row
I Am Legend(1971/2007) - crappy Will Smith remake of Omega Man - see Matheson
I Walked with a Zombie(1943/2013)
Innocents, The(1961/2001) - remade as The Others
Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1956/1978/1993/2007) - including The Invasion
I Saw What You Did(1965/1988) - made for TV remake
I Spit on Your Grave(1978/2010)
It(1990/2011) - remake of made-for-TV original, reportedly in production
It's Alive(1974/2008)
It! The Terror from Beyond Space(1958/1979) - occasionally considered to be remade as Alien
Lake Mungo(2011/2008) - remake of Australian original
Last House on the Left(1960/1972/2005/2009) - based on Bergman's Virgin Spring (Jungfrukällan) (1960)
Let Me In(2008/2010) - remake of Swedish Let the Right One In
Libro de Piedra, El(1969/2009)
Long Weekend(1978/2008) - remake of Australian original
The Lost Boys(1987/2008)
Martyrs(2008/2013) - reportedly in production, remake of French original
Masque of the Red Death(1964/1989)
Maximum Overdrive(1986/1997) - Canadian remake as Trucks - what a great idea
Meatball Machine(2005/1999)
Mirrors(2003/2008) - remake of South Korean Geoul sokeuro
Monkey's Paw, The(1923/1933/1948/2010) - often short format, based on a classic short story
Motel Hell(1980/20xx) - reportedly in production
Mother's Day(1980/2010)
Mummy, The(1932/1959/1999)
My Bloody Valentine(1981/2009) - remade in 3D
Near Dark(1987/201x) - reportedly unfinished and unreleased
Night of the Demons(1988/2009)
Night of the Living Dead(1968/1990/2006) - avoid the 3D 2006 Craptacular
Nightmare on Elm Street, A(1984/1993/2010) - including Indian The Monster ripoff
Omen, The(1976/2006)
One Missed Call(2003/2008) - remake of Japanese Chakushin Ari
Orphanage, The(2007/2013) - reportedly in production, remake of Spanish original
People Under the Stairs, The(1991/20xx) - reportedly in production
Phantom of the Opera(1925/1943/1998) - excluding musical versions
Piranha(1978/2010) - remade in 3D
Pit and the Pendulum, The(1961/1991)
Plan 9 from Outer Space(1958/20xx) - reportedly in production with a bigger budget
Playground, The(2003/2011) - remake of Swedish To Kill a Child with a friendlier name
Poltergeist(1982/201x) - reportedly in production
Predator(1987/2010) - remade and expanded as Predators
Prom Night(1980/2008)
Psychosis(1986/2010) - remake of Screamtime
Pulse(2001/2006) - Remake of Japanese Kairo
Puppetmaster(1989/20xx) - reportedly in 3D production
Re-Animator(1985/20xx) - reportedly in 3D production
Rec(2007/2008) - Spanish original remade as Quarrantine
Red Dragon(1986/2002) - remake of Manhunter
Return of the Living Dead(1985/20xx) - reportedly in production
Ringu(1998/1999/2002) - remakes of Japanese Ringu
Room 205(2007/2012) - Danish original reportedly in production as The Dorm
Satan's School for Girls(1973/2000) - remade as made-for-TV
Salem's Lot(1979/2004) - original and remake were both made-for-TV
Scream(1996/20xx) - reportedly in production
Seventh Victim, The(1944/20xx) - rumored to be in production
Shining, The(1980/1997) - remade as made-for-TV
Shocker(1989/20xx) - rumored to be in production
Shutter(2004/2008) - remake of Thai original
Silent House(2010/2011) - remake of original from Uruguay
Silent Night, Deadly Night(1984/2012) - as Silent Night
Solstice(2003/2008) - remake of Danish Midsommer
Sorority Row(1983/2009) - remake of The House on Sorority Row
Stepfather, The(1987/2009)
Suspiria(1977/201x) - reportedly in production, delayed somewhat
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The(1974/2003)
Tale of Two Sisters, A(2003/2009) - S. Korean original remade as The Uninvited
Terror Train(1980/20xx) - rumored to be in production
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974/2003/2012) - now available in 3D
They Live(1988/2011) - reportedly in production
Thing, The(1951/1982/2011) - new remake reportedly in production
13 Ghosts(1960/2001)
Tomb of Ligeia, The(1964/2009)
Tower of London(1939/1962)
13 Tzameti(2005/20xx) - remake of French original rumored to be in production
2000 Maniacs(1964/2005)
Videodrome(1983/201x) - reportedly in production
Village of the Damned(1960/1995)
We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay)(2010/2013)
When a Stranger Calls(1979/2006)
Who Can Kill a Child?(1976/2012) - as Come Out and Play
Wicker Man, The(1973/2006)
Without Warning(1980/1987) - according to some, remade as Predator (see above)
Wizard of Gore, The(1970/2007)
Wolf Man, The(1941/2010)
Woman in Black, The(1989 TV Movie/2012) - remake featuring Daniel Radcliffe