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Undocumented eBay Kit

This kit found on sale at eBay, August 2006, starting bid $750 (with 7 bids). Seller (Auction house in Ohio) makes no pretense at authenticity, and the condition of the velvet suggests some age, so it may be a "tourist kit" or a reproduction.

This kit was resold at auction just a month later.

The seller's description:

VAMPIRE KILLING KIT. Wooden case lined with purple velvet. Fitted interior includes a small hand held crossbow of blued steel with an ebonized, checkered wooden handle; bowstring and four ebonized wooden bolts with silver colored tips; wooden stake; two-part cross; a tin labeled "Flour of Garlic"; syringe and seven glass bottles with various labels including "Holy Water" and "Vampirism". Inside label by "Professor Ernst Blomberg" (hole). See lot 46 for more information. Case has brass fittings. 10 1/4" x 13 1/4".

The contents of the jars appear to be:
Tincure of JalapProfessor Blomberg's
New Serum
Daffy's Elixir
for Purging
VampirismHoly WaterEmetic Tarter
for Putric Fever
Elixir of Vitriol

These labels have a very strong resemblance to this Wisconsin Ripley's Kit, possibly indicating that the same person produced both kits.